Mastering the Art of Public Speaking in Real Estate: From Listings to Presentations

Effective communication is more than words on a page; it's also about the art of public speaking. Whether presenting property listings, engaging with clients, or negotiating deals, the ability to convey ideas with confidence plays a crucial role in a real estate professional's success.

We can break down all the ways that being a good public speaker can benefit your real estate career by examining how these skills positively impact your listings, showings and presentations, negotiations, and client relationships. Let’s dive in. 

Public Speaking Can Boost Your Property Listings

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait! I write my listings. How does that relate to public speaking?” Well, for every listing you write, you’re going to have to talk to somebody about it, so why not write your listings with that in mind? 

Think about these considerations:

  • Is my description clear and concise?
  • Am I conveying the most important features of the property? 
  • Does this tone match the voice I use when speaking?
  • Could I use this listing description as an elevator speech for this property? 
  • Have I tied emotion to the narrative of this property’s story? 

Since every property has a story to tell and you have a responsibility to tell it, it’s important for you to be comfortable with what you’ve written, both on paper and aloud. If you begin to think about your property listings as elevator speeches, you’ll see a marked improvement in not only potential buyer response but also in how you, yourself, speak about these listings. 

Public Speaking in Presentations and Showings

Picture it: you just landed the listing of a lifetime—a prime commercial property in an up-and-coming area—and you feel like a million bucks. Until you realize that there won’t be a million bucks for you or anyone if you can’t figure out how to sell it. You know it will be competitive, and you’re going to have to show it several times and talk about it even more. What’s a realtor to do? 

Here’s a rundown of how you can come off as a professional public speaker every time you need to present on or hold a showing of your prime listing (or any listing!):

  • Study up on persuasive language to create compelling narratives and encourage positive decision-making.
  • Understand each buyer and seller’s needs by actively listening to them and presenting the property in a way that aligns with their goals.
  • Be confident in your delivery, including body language, because confidence is both persuasive and fosters trust. 
  • Tailor your communication style to meet your audience, including language, tone, gestures, and volume. 

And my final tip, which I offer to everyone when a situation calls for public speaking: 

  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE to be more connected to the details of your material and how you plan to deliver it. 

Public Speaking Techniques for Real Estate Negotiations

Being an effective public speaker at the negotiation table is a key part of making successful deals. How you articulate yourself, including your tone and body language, can make or break a transaction. Be sure to be clear and confident in your negotiations—no one wants to work with someone who seems unsure of what they’re asking for. 

It’s also crucial to maintain poise and composure during negotiations, which are a hallmark of a strong public speaker. If you can argue without anger, explain without getting emotional, and frame your value propositions with ease and confidence, your negotiations will be a lot smoother, and even if you don’t get everything you went in for, you’ll feel more successful than if you’d fumbled the talks. 

Public Speaking in Daily Interactions 

Every time we speak to another person, that’s public speaking. In a way, it’s one of our most frequent activities during the workday. Active listening and being mindful of the power of words can help you make every interaction more impactful and create memorable positive impressions on your buyers, sellers, colleagues, peers, and potential new clients. 

Using clarity and conciseness, as we’ve already covered, is also a great way to be a more effective communicator. This is especially important in real estate, where so much daily communication happens via telephone. In a business where collaboration and rapport are so critical, telephone and in-person conversation and speaking skills are vital to building a strong network and clientele. When you have strong speaking skills, you’ll also be a better communicator when it comes down to having tough conversations about challenging deals. 

Be Your Best Public Speaker

The more you practice, the better you become, and even if you’re a shy public speaker, you’ll get more comfortable with repetition. Public speaking is a skill that everyone should sharpen, no matter what sector they work in, but it’s especially true in real estate, where so much of the business we do hinges on clear communication. So, from clear, compelling property listing elevator speeches to presentations and successful negotiations, from networking to managing daily interactions, your public speaking skills get quite the workout! When you frame public speaking to yourself as a critical everyday skill, you’ll boost your communication skills and see more positive outcomes in all facets of your business. 

Want to learn more about public speaking skills for business and life? Check out my new book, available now! 

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