Perfecting Your Virtual Real Estate Tours

Virtual tours are a popular, effective way to showcase listings and are especially well-received by people who are property-hunting from afar. Virtual tours allow you to highlight features that might be incredible but don’t show well in a single still photograph. With 360° photography, video technology, drones, and the right photographer and videographer, you can present top-notch, engaging listings with the power to draw in potential buyers from anywhere in the world. 

The Value of Virtual Tour Photography 

A virtual property tour is a visual gateway into a property’s appeal, but it’s important to get it right for it to be useful. High-quality images are critical, especially if you’re going to be making 360° photos for each room. Photos should be well-lit and well-composed to show off a property’s best features. Be sure to have the photographer capture the listing’s unique features, which will help tell the property’s story as potential buyers view the photos. Virtual tour photographs should create an immersive experience that enables buyers to see themselves inhabiting the space, whether it’s a new home or commercial property for their business. 

Expert Videography Makes All the Difference

If well-composed photos are good for your virtual tours, then well-executed videography makes those tours even better. We’re not talking about taking a shaky cellphone video as you walk through the rooms. You need professional videography that can take your listings to the next level. Again, this is about highlighting the property's best features so buyers can visualize themselves living or working there. If a home has spectacular views from a wraparound porch, you’d better have a video of those views at sunset. You should also take advantage of drone technology to take aerial videos of the property—trust me when I say that buyers LOVE drone shots. If this isn’t something in your repertoire for your listings, you need to add it, and soon. Narration and music on all tour videos are the icing on the proverbial cake; the proper editing can further enhance any virtual tour video. 

Choosing the Right Professionals 

Finding the right photographer and videographer for your virtual tours is the key to getting the job done well and on the first try. Plenty of photographers and videographers claim to specialize in real estate media, but you don’t want to waste your resources playing trial and error. Here are some tips for hiring the best professionals for your needs: 

  • Evaluate Their Portfolio: Ask to see samples of their work! This might seem like such a basic step, but it still bears mentioning. Samples and portfolios give you an idea of the styles a photographer or videographer is capable of, which leads to our next step.
  • Looks for Styles That Align With Your Needs: If you’re a commercial agent or broker, you’re going to need a photographer and videographer with a different style than if you specialized in brokering log cabins. You have to think about the architecture of what you’re selling and consider what your target buying audience is going to want to see. 
  • Ask for Their Insight into Industry Tools and Trends: An experienced real estate photographer or videographer should be able to confidently tell you what’s going on in their corner of the industry. Ask them for their insights on the latest tools and trends to see what depth of knowledge they can offer you. 
  • Inquire If They’re Equipped to Shoot Your Listings: This question is very literal. Once you’ve described or shown them a property and discussed your vision for a stand-out virtual tour, do they have the gear and equipment to do the job? This includes proper permitting for drone photographers and videographers. 
  • Recognize that Reliability and Reputation Matters: Read reviews and testimonials from their other clientele. Look for patterns of compliments and complaints. You could also ask for references from other agents or brokers who sell similar property styles so that you can reach out directly and get their opinions. 

When you’re vetting photographers and videographers to help you build effective virtual tours, don’t forget to ask about some of the more high-tech stuff, too, like VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) tours and related applications. It’s all about finding immersive, innovative ways to showcase your property listings. 

Feel Like a Marketing Maestro! 

Never underestimate the power of images to compel interest and engagement in your property listings. High-quality photos and videos create a positive first impression on potential buyers and tell a property’s unique memory. Be thoughtful in your approach to choosing the right photographer and videographer for your needs, and you’ll be golden. Before long, your listings will outshine the competition, and you’ll feel like a marketing maestro! 

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